About Madrid

Culture, entertainment and business share a single stage full of attractive opportunities and vibrant energy in Madrid. Its status as an open and modern city, as well as the passionate and friendly nature of the people in Madrid, turn the Spanish capital into a welcoming city with a highly attractive tourism offer.

Art bursting at the seams

Over 80 museums and 2,000 historic-artistic monuments pay testament to the history and art of all the peoples who have visited Madrid over the centuries.

Visitors to Madrid can enjoy an unprecedented art trail: the Paseo del Arte (Prado Museum, Reina Sofía National Museum and Art Centre, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and CaixaForum).

However, this cultural legacy can also be felt in the city streets. A stroll through the Madrid of the royal families of Austria and Bourbon, the mediaeval and 19th Century Madrid or the Madrid of Goya and Velázquez.


Night-time entertainment

Madrid is one of the most fun, bustling and entertaining cities in the world, both by day and especially by night. It has everything you could possible imagine for enjoying your free time. Its musicals are one of the most highly recommended things to enjoy here. The Gran Vía, also known as the Madrid Broadway, is a benchmark for musicals in Spain 


Green, Gastronomy, Shopping,...

A green city. Almost 3,000 sunshine hours make Madrid a warm and bright city, which can claim to be the city with the most trees in Europe.


Unique gastronomy. With over 3,000 restaurants, it is a city where the entire world’s culinary delights can be enjoyed; not forgetting Spanish food, of course. It also shows the rich nature of its own cuisine and offers the chance to go out for tapas. Besides the traditional flavours and styles, it has been possible to enjoy some very high-quality avant-garde cuisine for many years in Madrid. Even the most demanding palates will find something to satisfy their tastes.


Shopping for all. Shopping in Madrid is a genuine temptation due to the variety and quality of the numerous enticing stores to be found here: ranging from the most modern establishments to the historic shops found in old Madrid.





Taxi: The official taxis of Madrid are white with a red stripe, and can be taken from anywhere on any street, at a taxi rank or by booking in advance.

Metro-Bus: The metro and urban buses share the same prices and operating system. The trains run from 06:00 to 01:30. Is mandatory to get a card called “Multi” and charge in it the tickets. A one-way ticket costs 1.50 euros. Another option is to buy a 10-ticket voucher that can be used on the metro and the buses. The cards used for buying journey tickets can be bought from the ticket machines or ticket windows. More information: www.metromadrid.es or www.emtmadrid.es.



If you are going to spend the weekend in Spain, a number of special offers are available for tourists. Please contact our travel agent directly:  Tel.: (+34) 912 042 600 – eciia2018@viajeseci.es


Generally-speaking, Madrid is a safe city with a very low crime rate. The main problems that a tourist might have in Madrid are minor thefts or pickpocketing, which are more common at major tourist locations.


Useful telephone numbers

Emergencies: 112 – Medical Services: 061 – Police: 091 – Fire Service: 080/085

Tax Service: (+34) 914 475 180 - (+34) 914 473 232 - (+34) 913 712 131

Climate in Madrid

(Perhaps include a graph showing the temperatures in Madrid in October (20º max. and 10º min.) or something similar. If not, text below)

Autumn is an excellent time of year for visiting Madrid. The temperature is very mild. It is also when a large number of cultural activities begin. There is always a risk of rain at this time of year, but it is not very high and nothing an umbrella cannot deal with. The temperature in Madrid in October varies between 20ºC (66ºF) and 10ºC (50ºF).







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