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Annette Olofsson is the CAE of the Swedish Transport Agency since 2012.The agency is responsible for accessibility and security of rail, air, sea and road transport in Sweden, as well as reviewing and inspecting compliance with regulations.

Olofsson has twenty years of experience in Internal Audit, mainly in government institutions, including CAE at Norrköping´s city hall. She also has experience in the private sector as an external auditor at KPMG in the beginning of her career. Olofsson sees Auditing as a means to maintain democratic values such as reliability, trust and transparency. Even if this may seem most crucial in the public sector she sees Internal Audit as of similar value of all organisations, to ensure compliance and efficiency, as parts of the democratic system.

Olofsson has had previous experiences navigating through rough waters in internal audit as it was told in Larry Rittenberg's and Patricia Miller´s study "the Politics of Internal Audit" by The IIA in 2015. She has also been awarded a prize from Transparency International in Sweden for integrity and professionalism during the events that led to the high-profile, so called, IT-scandal in Sweden.


 10:00 - 10:50 (05/10/2018)

 ROOM N106

(ROOM N106) C.S 5.2. Auditing tough waters. Maintaining integrity

In July 2017 a scandal broke in Sweden. The Swedish Transport Agency outsourced operations of sensitive IT systems which, due to CEO´s decision to deviate from the Swedish Security Act laws, enhanced the possibility that top-secret information of the country´s transport systems, as well as sensitive identities, could fall into the hands of unknown, abroad.

Annette Olofsson, the CAE, found herself in the middle of a media storm. As the story unravelled, it was proved that Olofsson tried to communicate years earlier the CEO, the chairman and the board with no response. The Swedish Security Police official´s scrutiny of Olofsson´s documentation played a key role in the dismissal of the CEO, the board and several government ministers.

In this presentation Annette shares her incredible story and enlightens our way with insights of how to withhold your integrity, communicate and stay courageous during adverse situations as an internal auditor.









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