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Luis has a degree in physical sciences (University of Salamanca).

He has more than 20 years of experience. He began his professional career joining innovation projects in the fields of internet and data.
In 2001 he was hired by BBVA Group. He led global projects related with internet technologies and data warehouse systems implemented in BBVA Group's subsidiaries. In 2011 he joined the internal audit department as global responsible for security audits. Currently, he is responsible of it risk, digital transformation and processes audits.

Luis is passionate about new technologies, data and innovation.


 15:50 - 16:40 (04/10/2018)

 ROOM N106

(ROOM N106) C.S 3.3. Leading the game: The BBVA experience as a Data Driven Department

No doubt. We have entered in the age of data. Digitization has put us squarely.
- The proportion of digital customers has increased exponentially in recent years. In Spain, digital transactions have reached 42%.
- A new category of technology is rising: AI or machine learning are transforming many industries.

This momentum is generating huge expectations as well as a lot of hype in all the disciplines of a financial institution, including internal audit.

Becoming a data-driven internal audit department is very difficult. It requires
- a very ambitious plan that puts in play valuable resources,
- an innovation scheme,
- and most important of all, a lot of talent.

Why do it?
How to get it?
Where to find the necessary talent?
How to put the data in the center of risk identification and risk assessment?
What technologies to use?

Our story begins a few years ago with a why. We come to the conviction that data will change everything. And here comes the best, we are convinced that a company that puts data at the center of internal  control will have a huge competitive advantage.

That is where our journey begins: our transformation project with data.

We will share with you decisions we made, the most important components of our project, our successes and our failures.







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