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Ian Hudson is currently a Senior Manager in Repsol Audit and Control. Ian has 21 years oil and gas experience spanning field operations, corporate functions and Internal Audit. After completing his degree in geology, Ian worked offshore in the North Sea and Western Canada in a number of operational roles including geology and drilling & completions. When joining Talisman (acquired by Repsol), Ian initially worked in the UK Wells (drilling & completions) Group focusing on performance improvement and a number of corporate initiatives. Ian was then moved to Canada to assist in the implementation and development of a Global Drilling and Completions Function introducing standards, governance, technology and performance improvement to a global portfolio of mixed assets. Ian joined Audit and Control six years ago as an Operational Auditor conducting a wide variety of audits across the global portfolio and is currently leading Repsol’s North America Audit and Control group.


 11:15 - 12:05 (05/10/2018)

 ROOM N102

(ROOM N102) C.S 6.4. Audit challenges in joint operations: exploring the boundaries of internal audit. The Repsol Experience

As activities become more complex and globalized, the involvement of partners in the performance of operations provides challenges and opportunities for most Organizations. In this session we will go over the different types of partnerships (Companies, Joint Operating Agreements, etc.) used within the Oil&Gas Industry to minimize risks and boost performance.  We will discuss the impact of Joint Operations in the internal audit function, exploring both the limitations and opportunities posed by the different types partnerships and how the proper exercise of audit rights available can represent an efficiency tool for Organizations.







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