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Alejandro Llorente is Co-Founder and Data Scientist at PiperLab, a Data Science company based in Madrid.
During the last 8 years, he has worked on the application of predictive and modeling Machine Learning techniques in different fields such as finance, insurance, logistics or digital businesses.

He is also a Big Data and Machine Learning professor in different postgraduate courses at IE Business School, AFI Finance School or The Valley. Alejandro got his a Ph.D. student at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid carrying out human mobility analysis based on digital fingerprints and their implications on economic processes.

Finally, he collaborates as Co-Organizer of Databeers Association and Databeers Madrid, meetups that bring together people interested in data and their applications. After the success of Databeers Madrid, other satellite Databeers events have been created around the world: London, Turin, Warwick, Manila, Buenos Aires and many other venues.


 14:35 - 15:25 (04/10/2018)

 ROOM N102

(ROOM N102) C.S 2.5. Quantity and quality of data: Big Data and Data Governance. Powered by IE BUSINESS SCHOOL

IE Business School

Beyond the concepts of data quality and data governance, organizations must wonder why investing resources in managing and governing their data is profitable. Typically, big migration projects or development of many ETL (or ELT) processes do not return anything by themselves but they are absolutely necessary to organize the generated data and they will accelerate the data analytics projects that will be built on top of our data infrastructure. It is what we call hidden profits, completely opposite to the so-called hidden costs. In this talk, we will show how to design your data governance and quality proejcts to be aligned with business, the most important decisions every organization must make and how to reduce risks during this important phase in the data-driven companies’ life.







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